Info Lowongan Kerja Danone Indonesia

Group Danone yang merupakan perusahaan multinternasional yang memproduksi berbagai jenis makanan dan minuman. Danone mengklaim sebagai pemimpin di pasar produk turunan susu atau air minum dalam kemasan. Pada tahun 2006 Danone membeli perusahaan makanan bayi terbesar kedua di dunia setelah membeli Numero.

Di Amerika Serikat, Danone dipasarkan dengan namanya Dannon, yang merupakan anak perusahaan dari Group Danone. saat ini danone memegang beberapa merek terkenal air minum seperti Volvic, Evian, Aqua, dan Badoit. demi mendukung perkembangan perusahaan.
Info Lowongan Kerja Danone Indonesia

Posisi :  Internal Control Supervisor - Jakarta Selatan

About the Job

In this role, you will do:
  • Assist the business process owner on setting up business process description and maintaining internal control in their business process
  • Ensure sufficient and effective internal controls are applied in entire business process.
  • Assist the other CBUs to perform limited review of DANgo Assessment as per agreed scope and propose improvement in the business processes
  • Enhance ICC awareness at location through electronic media communication and road show to locations
  • Identify SOD conflict for any request from requester and define conpensating control if neeeded

About You

To be successful in this role, you would need to be:
  • At least S-1 Accounting
  • Internal audit / internal control / business process background in industrial and / or distribution company
  • Good knowledge in SAP system
  • MS Office, Project Management, Strong analytical thinking, Good interpersonal relationship, Detail oriented
  • Apply before June 12, 2020

IT Analyst - Infra & Security - Jakarta

About the Job

In this role, you will do:
  • CLIO Request
  • Monitor and execute service requests in CLIO with related server, data center, cloud services and security matters to achieve targeted service level.
  • Department Planning
  • Plan budgeting under area of responsibility in order to comply with stipulated rules.
  • Create plan and system change analysis for consolidation and efficiency.
  • Create short term and long term master plan to ensure effective and efficient day to day operations.
  • Server & Data Center Management
  • Liaise with ITCC on executing system replacement and system enhancement to maintain and improve current system workflow.
  • Elaborate several functions into one server system to improve operational efficiency.
  • Liaise with ITCC on executing system improvement regarding current issues to ensure operational continuity.
  • Liaise with ITCC on executing system server and database patches according to security compliance.
  • Monitoring, evaluating, and analyzing system performance and review backup system.
  • Liaise with ITCC on monitoring, evaluating and analyzing server system performance in order to ensure the system is working properly.
  • Maintain and improve data center facilities including UPS, AC, FM200, Access control, CCTV, temp control, etc. to ensure proper maintenance for IT facilities.
  • Implement, review, and conduct DRP testing to ensure the availability of Danone's critical systems during disaster.
  • Cloud Services Management
  • Analyzing, sizing & reviewing the service requirements from business then challenge and propose solution by optimizing the cost vs services.
  • Monthly review with cloud provider to ensure the services according to SLA.
  • Ensure all systems are backup and specific to any critical systems are covered by disaster recovery site.
  • Ensure the security assessments are in place and review periodically.
  • Provide and develop any related documentation and its standard operating procedure.
  • Liaise and collaborate with ITCC (when needed) to ensure the compliance and its standardization.
  • Security Management
  • Maintain and improve information security according to Danone group standards to ensure the protection of systems and information in storage, processing or transit from unauthorized access or modification through denying service to unauthorized users.
  • Liaise with ITCC to maintain and ensure windows group policies are applied accordingly.
  • Liaise with ITCC to maintain, test and ensure windows patches applied in all computers through WSUS.
  • Maintain the access of file servers to ensure proper maintenance of file servers.
  • Ensure SEP antivirus updated for all users and follow up virus incidents reported by group security to protect company's data.
  • Develop, implement, and continuously review IS policies and procedures on regular basis to keep up with current IT security trend to ensure the security of Danone systems.
  • Develop and implement suitable materials for information security awareness and training programs to improve IT awareness among Danone Indonesia employees.
  • Project Execution
  • Control project to be executed in schedule and efficient budget in order to ensure effective and efficient execution.

About You

To be successful in the role, you would need to be:
  • Demonstrate good inter-personnel and communication skills with others at all levels.
  • Ability to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Good with detail, keen, able to work under pressure & working in team

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